Weezer (Black Album) - Weezer

Weezer (Black Album)


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2019-03-01
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • ℗ 2019 Weezer under exclusive license to Crush Music / Atlantic Recording Corporation fo


Title Artist Time
Can't Knock the Hustle Weezer 3:41
Zombie Bastards Weezer 4:11
High As a Kite Weezer 3:48
Living In L.A. Weezer 3:38
Piece of Cake Weezer 3:17
I’m Just Being Honest Weezer 3:57
Too Many Thoughts In My Head Weezer 4:03
The Prince Who Wanted Everythi Weezer 3:23
Byzantine Weezer 4:09
California Snow Weezer 3:32


  • Nice!

    By Awsome3:)
    Cool. I appreciate the new sound. I do think that there previous albums are better though.
  • The best bands evolve!

    By all27outs
    I'm sick of pseudo Weezer fans extolling the virtues of the oldest material while dismissig the newer stuff as Imagine Dragon-like. Stupid. I LOVE that they have stretched out from post-punk garage rock and opened up their toolbox to incorporate a wider range of textures. They've always been able to turn out crunchy hooks and they've certainly found more than a few for this album. Living in LA has a cool retro feel with a distinctly Police-like refrain (find it yourself...you'll hear it if you're familiar with The Police). Zombie's is fun, light-hearted and catchy. Cake is GREAT. Byzantine...super. NONE of these songs resemble HASH PIPE, which is fine...Weezer can continue to evolve beyond being 1-trick ponies. The RED album was great, and the BLACK album reminds me in many ways of my acceptance of that one from first listen. WEEZER is COOL because they can explore different presentations of "their" music. There are a lot more electronic effects incorporated into these songs...yet...they can still comfortably remain a guitar-based rock band. Shoot...they can do Ozzy Osbourne! The Teal album proved that. It's a catchy album...it deserves a much better rating than the 3-star average weighted down by elitist "old-school Weezer rules" trolls. In my humble opinion, of course.
  • So confused with all the bad reviews

    By Hell yeah !
    I like Weezer, and I especially like their first two albums. Classics. That being said, the last SEVEN albums sounds exactly the same! Basically just watered down versions of the first three albums. Yes, this album is extremely different but what’s so wrong with that? Yes, it has a very poppy tone, however it’s actually pretty catchy stuff. So for Weezer this album is actually much different. Look at it as a Weezer dance album. Don’t worry, they’ll probably be back to their repetitive albums after this.
  • Wow

    By ccall
    They should’ve just called it quits after the white album it was great.. it was more of what they started out as. No one wants this pop crap with no guitars or real drums. We want the band doing what they were meant to do and playing their instruments
  • People aren’t listening.

    By ThinkTank386
    You are supposed to “leave a 5 star review”
  • Great sounding album

    By DenBroncos17!
    I don’t love every song on it but do enjoy the overall sound. As a guy whose musical preferences are evolving I actually really enjoy artists whose style has evolved too. I think these guys are in it for the love of the game more than anything else (can’t imagine any of them are hurting for cash at this point) and just opening up the playbook a little more than they would have years ago. It may not sit well with fans now by I’d be willing to bet they’ll warm up to it down the road.
  • No!

    By fitt
    This is not a good album at all. Better luck on your next one.
  • Wrong release date!

    By spch42
    Album is amazing, but I think the release date is wrong.
  • Meh

    By High risers
    I really like high as a kite and a few others but can’t knock the hustle some others are really bad
  • Thanks

    By Dievel12
    This album makes me feel stuff. Thank you for making me feel connected and helping me see through my stained plexiglass.